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If you are looking for a fun rewarding hobby with friendly likeminded men, then Freemasonry and our Lodge in particular, might be for you!


Lodge Details


Our regular meetings are on the 3rd Wednesday of October, November, February, March and May at 6pm.

Totton Masonic Hall, Lexby Road, Totton, Southampton, SO40 9HD


How much time does it take up?


Time is something to consider when joining Freemasonry. Attending a lodge will take up some of your free time, Our Lodge meets 5 times a year, with a variety of committee meetings and rehearsals in between. We also have a variety of social evenings which you can attend if you wish, your wife/partner, friends and family are always welcome (encouraged as they are a lot of fun!)


How much does it cost?


As with joining anything, there is the financial aspect to consider. When you join Freemasonry there is an initial (one off) joining fee which is £79. There is also a yearly subscription of £150. The cost of dining after the meeting (should you wish to do so) is currently £18.50 which includes 4 courses and wine, this does not include any drinks you may purchase over the bar.


There are other costs to consider, during dinner there is usually a raffle and a strip of tickets is £5. We have a collection during the ceremony (Alms) during which you can give whatever you can afford (£1 is a popular sum)


If you are joining then you will need to consider the dress code. A black/dark suit, white shirt and a black tie, and once you progress through the various stages in Masonry you will need to buy regalia, which consists initially of an Apron (to begin with the Lodge will loan you one). These vary in price from around £40 upwards as well as a case to put it in, there are also many handed down aprons around which is actually a nice thing to wear.


How do I find out even more?


That is easy - Just contact us!



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