Who are we?


William Rufus Lodge 6979, Totton. In the Province of Hampshire and Isle of Wight.


We are a vibrant and friendly lodge with an emphasis on having fun. From our beginnings in 1950 until this day we seek to uphold the traditions of Freemasonry, whilst recognising the needs of the modern working family man.


We boast a steady stream of younger members that have joined us, we are the second 'youngest' Lodge in the Province with an average age of 42. Many members of the Lodge are in their early 30's - mid 40's and all working family men from all walks of life.  There are over 250 Lodges within the in the Province of Hampshire and Isle of Wight.


We have an active social scene with many charitable orientated events as well as often socialising outside the lodge with our wives and partners. We can often be found in the local curry house, cinema, or pub! All of which goes towards strengthening the friendships and fellowship that the lodge members enjoy.


Our regular meetings are on the 3rd Wednesday of October, November, February, March and May at 6pm. Entry after this time is of course permitted, making it easy for those working men to be able to attend. We meet at the Totton Masonic Centre, Lexby Road, Totton. 


We are a very easy going and laid back lodge, we boast a high standard of ritual yet always try to make our ceremonies a lot of fun, with plenty of opportunity for every member to get involved in the many aspects of the Lodge if they wish, this is a hobby to be enjoyed, after all!


For up to date information, news and events we have an active Facebook page and Twitter feed.



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