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Tercentenary events 2017:


  • Special Investiture & 250th Anniversary of the Province of Hampshire & Isle of Wight (includes Presentation of Festival Gavel) – Friday 3rd February


  • Family Thanksgiving Service, Winchester Cathedral – Sunday 19th March


  • South Central Area Charity Cheque Presentation evening – Tuesday 20th June



  • Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge. O2 Guildhall, Southampton and dinner at the Novotel - 3rd July


  • Provincial Grand Ball & Last Night of the Proms – Saturday 9th September


  • Royal Albert Hall & Battersea Evolution – Tuesday 31st October

Saturday 19th March 2016 was our charity Quiz night, raising funds for the Elderly Care ward at Southampton General Hospital.  Almost 100 people came together for a night of quiz questions at the hands of our quiz master Bro Martin Orman. He conducted the proceedings with style and a superb evening was had by all. The evening was paused whilst a hot buffet was enjoyed by everyone and the raffle was held.

Round two saw our very own South Central Area Chairman W. Bro Charles Aspinal winning the first round followed by his table winning the quiz outright proving its not who you know, its just being clever that counts!


The evening raised £617 which was an excellent achievement. 


More pictures below!

This morning, on behalf of William Rufus Lodge, Wm Dave Chislett and SW Stephen Humphrey presented a cheque to the Southampton Hospital Charities in aid of the Elderly Care ward. This £2000 was raised from our last Ladies Night at the Wellow Golf Club.


The Worshipful Masters wife Liz and himself would like to say a massive thankyou to all members of our Lodge and the visitors who also came and contributed. he chose this charity as he wanted to keep it local, many other wards in the hospital see most of the money such as the cancer wards and the children wards, but when he asked who receives the least, the Elderly wards came out on top...

He believes that if we can help them update the wards with whatever they spend the money on, then we will benefit in the long term, when we have to use it ourselves.

March 16th was out Provincial vist. It was also Bro Stephen East's Passing to the Second Degree.

Closing tyle at 6pm, WM Dave Chislett, assisted by his wardens opened the lodge. The Provincial team joined us soon after and we were treated to an excellent set of works from Bro Stephen.

Asstistand Provincial Grand Master W. Bro Jon Whitaker briefly took the chair and gave us an excellent talk on the values of Masonry. There after what has been discribed as one of the best evenings ina long time. Everyone from the WM down did the lodge proud, many were complimented in what they did including W. Bro Colin McCabe for a word perfect long version Second Dregree Tracing Board and Bro Junior Warden Ash Bennette for his long version of the Second Degree Tools.


The Festive Board was of the usual William Rufus quality with a lot of fun, fine wine, excellent company and of course, very nice food.

October 21st saw our first meeting back from the summer break. All officers suitibly refreshed and ready to go.

We were treated to an excellent 2nd degree ceremony, Bro Ross McBride was Passed to the Second Degree in in wonderful ceremony after being work perfect with his questions.


Bro Paul Ferris was presented with his Master Masons certificate by our new Visiting Officer, W. Bro Peter Goodchild.


The Festive Board was its usual fun and vibrant affair, with W. Bro Sean Whelen responding to the visitors toast.


November is our next meting where we will be having a double Initiation, looking forward to seeing you there.

William Rufus' 65th Installation Evening 20th May 2015

Closed Tyled at 17.30, and with a very full lodge, W. Bro Colin McCabe, Installing Master started what was to be a truly fantastic night.


After the various offices were occupied by Past Masters W. Bro Colin installed Bro. David Chislett into the Chair of King Solomon, William Rufus’  65th Master of the Lodge.


The Ceremony was something really special with many officers, including many light blues participating in parts of the ceremony from addressing the room to the Working Tools, all done with the usual passion and ease of nature that William Rufus is renowned for.


Bro Steve Humphrey moved up to Senior Warden and is, as I type, busy with his nose in the book, I'm sure! – A first for Bro Ash Bennette as he moves up to Junior Warden, the proud grin said it all.


Darren Cunliffe takes his first office of the lodge as Inner guard, the first rung on a long ladder no doubt. Whilst Simon Jeanes and Darren Foy become Senior and Junior Deacons, many retained their offices including Secretary, Asst. Secretary, Treasurer, Chaplain and Tyler.


A new Charity Steward this year and its in the capable hands of W. Bro Malcolm Cross with Steve Humphrey also taking on the role as Almoner. The dining this year is in the hands of our newest member, Bro Ross McBride. He boldly volunteered for the role and we are sure he will do a sterling job.


W. Bro Colin McCabe having just come out of the chair is now taking on the role as Director of Ceremonies and together with Asst Director W. Bro Mike Denning completes this years officers.

We had many guests from lodges near and far and many member of both Provincial and Grand rank, and we hope they all witnessed a superb evening, it was wonderful to see so many friends from such a varied selection of lodges, we are planning reciprocal visits this year in return.


The usual William Rufus hospitality spilled over into the Festive Board with the fun and vibrant atmosphere that is so often felt by both members and visitors alike. A very hearty welcome as the Master came in, a very proud moment both for him and the lodge.


Square Bear was in attendance and was a very popular visitor, pictures can be seen in the here - Square Bear Pictures


Its safe to say the lodge is, as usual, in very fine hands.

We are honoured with a very special visitor representing the Province, he is staying with me until after the meeting next Wed. He will be with us for the duration of the evening and would be delighted to have his picture taken with you all.
We are delighted to be able to support this superb Provincial initiative -
Please join me on Wednesday in giving Square Bear, Provincial Grand Standard Bearer,  a very warm welcome. He will be delighted to join us in our ceremony and at the FB afterwards. He tells me that he greets you, and wishes you all well.

William Rufus Lodge is pleased to announce our Ladies night. It will be held on the 17th October 2015 at Wellow Golf Club in Romsey.


Entertainment provided by Everyday Sunshine


To book please contact Bro Darren Foy at


18.30 - 00.30 - £37.50 per head


We would be very pleased to see you there, book NOW to avoid disappointment!





Out last regular meeting on the 18th of March was to Raise Bro Paul Ferris, pictures above with his proposer and SD Bro Ash Bennette. Bro Ash has taken him through his Initiation, Passing and Raising. 


The Ceremony closed tyled at 1800 and both members and visitors watched an excellent ceremony, Bro Paul was word perfect with his questions and conducted himself through out like he had been doing it for years. 


Worshipful Master W. Bro Colin McCabe set the bar very high again with an wonderful ceremony and together with his Wardens and Officers ensured Paul had an excellent experience.


The festive board was, as always, a lighthearted warm and friendly affair. Yet another brilliant night at William Rufus.


Next meting is on May 20th for our Installation, Please get in touch, all visitors very welcome.




Passing on the 17th Feb.


Well yet again another really good ceremony in the Temple, excellent version of the long version of the 2nd Degree Tracing Board, (never heard this before!!!) given by WM Colin McCabe, and another good performance of the long version of the 2nd degree working tools given by Bro SW Dave Chislett, was very impressed with our candidate Bro Neil Flaherty, excellent Q&A,s.............. no pressure on Bro Ross McBride when he does his later this year!!!

William Rufus Christmas Celebration

We are pleased to announce that we are now taking bookings for our Christmas Celebration.

Saturday 29th November at Lexby Hall in Totton 


Traditional Christmas meal, silver band, carol singing and raffle.


To book please contact the dining steward 


Darren Foy - 07899 937280

The Passing - 15th Oct 2014

Closed tyled at 1800, the members of William Rufus bore witness to the Passing of Bro Paul Ferris in a very enjoyable ceremony. Bro Paul conducted himself with ease and recited his part in a manner that would make you think he had been doing it for years!

The after preceedings at the Festive Board were, as usual a very enjoyable affair with good food, fine wine and, as you would expect from William Rufus, a warm and friendly atmosphere.


The raffle raised £200 towards the Christmas Widows fund.

Instalation 21st May 2014




On the 21st of May 2014, the members of William Rufus attended what can be described as a very memorable evening.


Closed Tyled at 5.30pm W. Bro Tony Croft took to the floor as installing master and in an incredible ceremony and installed W. Bro Colin McCabe into the Chair of King Solomon. W. Bro Colin is no stranger to being in the chair having completed two previous occasions at different lodges in the past.


W. Bro Colin, with the assistance of the newly appointed Director of Ceremonies   W. Bro Brian White, appointed the officers of the Lodge in yet another very enjoyable ceremony. All 3 sets of working tools were very well presented to W. Bro Colin as well as closing fully in all 3 degrees.


Bro Dave is one step closer while Bro Steve has his first encounter with a Wardens place and very well he did too.


More new brethren took up office this year including new Stewards, Almoner and Charity Steward. William Rufus has some exciting times ahead with a lot of very enthusiastic brethren keen to dive into their roles with vigour. The future of the lodge looks like it will be in excellent hands once again!


Among the guests were members of Provincial Grand Lodge as well as Masters and brethren from far afield, all joining us at a wonderful and light hearted Festive Board.


W. Bro Colin, during his speech, Told us a wonderfully sentimental story touching on the first time he came to William Rufus some 20 or more years ago and remarked that he never once thought back then he would be in the chair of any lodge let alone 3 and evenmore so William Rufus after first visiting so long ago.


It's evenings like this that really make you appreciate the friendships, companionship and camaraderie that Freemasonry has to offer.



"As the strength of a chain is determined not by the number of its links but by the quality of each link, even so a Lodge in its practical service to its members and to society is measured not by the number of men who constitute it, but by the quality of each.”