Lodge Officers


William Rufus' Worshipful Master, his Wardens and IPM and  2019 - 2020


Worshipful Master              W. Bro Simon Jeanes            

Senior Warden                    Bro. Darren Cunliffe                      

Junior Warden                     Bro. Ross McBride                    

Chaplin                               W. Bro Steve Humphrey            

Treasurer                             Bro. Nadim Attique                    

Secretary                             W. Bro Ash Bennette  ProvGStwd               

Director of Ceremonies      W. Bro Dave Chislett  PPGStwd           

Almoner                              W. Bro Steve Humphrey           

Asst. DC                              W. Bro Colin McCabe PM PPDGSwdB             

Mentor                                 W. Bro Mike Denning PM PPDGJW           

Asst. Secretary                    W. Bro ROb Reed PPGSD                    

Senior Deacon                     Bro. Steve East                                        

Junior Deacon                     Bro. Malcolm Carter                

Inner Guard                         W. Bro Malcolm Cross                         

Tyler (Guest)                       W. Bro Glen Hunt PPSGD                   

Organist (Guest)                  W. Bro Dave Sheppard             

Charity Steward                  Bro. Darren Cunliffe           

Dinning Steward                 Bro. Steve East                  

Head Steward                      Bro Rob Twinning                    

Steward                               Bro. Darren Jackson                 

Steward                               Bro Neil Flaherty

Steward                               Bro Neil Trueman

Steward                               Bro Darren Jackson                  


Imediate Past Master           W. Bro Ash Bennette ProvGStwd            

Lodge Membership Officer W. Bro Ash Bennette ProvGStwd

Royal Arch Representitive  W. Bro Brian White PM PGStB                   

Visiting Officer                     W. Bro James Pendergast        


Masters of William Rufus Lodge 1950 - 2019

1950  F W Munday

1951 P R F Osman

1952  H W Hole

1953  W F C Pike

1954  R Andrews

1955  W H S Ingram

1956  J Shaw

1957  A Poole

1958  A C Court

1959  R G Leonard

1960  C L Pike

1961  A I Dowding

1962  J Tucker

1963  E J Payne

1964  E K Williamson

1965  A H Thornton

1966  J D Teare

1967  S Croxson

1968  J R Heathcote

1969  C C Rhodes

1970  L A C Hall

1971  G J S Warder

1972  G W Hedgecott

1973  E M J Evens

1974  B H Oman

1975  J King

1976  C Goforth

1977  A W D Chant

1978  D R A Turpin

1979  M L Hall

1980  W O Andrews

1981  A J Pragnell

1982  B F Baker

1983  A R Lowe

1984  R E J Davies

1985  J G Andrews

1986  B T White 

1987  B G Banham

1988  B H Burnstone

1989  E C Morris

1990  M J Denning 

1991  S J Hamlin

1992  R A Fanstone

1993  J L Heather

1994  M W Hamlin

1995  P Matcham

1996  J R Smith

1997  J R Smith

1998  M L Hall P.P.G Std. B

1999  R F Mitchell

2000  A Cooper

2001  C J White

2002  H Cooper

2003  M M Cross 

2004  R C Smith

2005  B F Baker PP.Dep G.reg

2006  T C Sennett

2007  H Cooper

2008  R S W Reed

2009  M M Cross PPA GDC

2010  M M Cross PPA GDC

2011  J G Andrews PP G Reg

2012  T Croft

2013  T Croft

2014 C McCabe

2015 D Chislett

2016 S. Humphrey

2017 - 2019 A Bennette



"As the strength of a chain is determined not by the number of its links but by the quality of each link, even so a Lodge in its practical service to its members and to society is measured not by the number of men who constitute it, but by the quality of each.”