Welcome to William Rufus Lodge 6979, In the Province of Hampshire and Isle of Wight.


Our regular meetings are on the 3rd Wednesday of October, November, Febuary, March and May (Installation) meeting at the Totton Masonic Centre, Lexby Road, Totton.


We are a fun, vibrant and thriving lodge. From our beginings in 1950 until this day we seek to uphold the traditions of Feemasonry, whilst recognising the needs of the modern working man.


When the lodge was formed it was done so partly to allow for the progression of young Masons, we still hold this value today with a steady progression of younger members.


We have an active social life within the lodge with many charitable and social events and evenings out. We are a very friendly lodge who welcome visitors to the lodge and to our festive board.


For up to date information, news and events we have an active Facebook page open to all - www.facebook.com/WRL6979/




"As the strength of a chain is determined not by the number of its links but by the quality of each link, even so a Lodge in its practical service to its members and to society is measured not by the number of men who constitute it, but by the quality of each.”